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After years of working to bring various businesses into compliance with Hazard Communication Standard regulations I found that the free websites dedicated to Material Safety Data Sheets either contained very few documents or had more broken links than actual Material Safety Data Sheets. Even the biggest free MSDS site has stopped maintaining their manufacturer links. I decided there needs to be a better way. I built a vertical search engine to index only Material Safety Data Sheets that have been verified by real humans. I started with a U.S. Government database of over 230,000 Material Safety Data Sheets in the public domain, added data on over 100,000 Material Safety Data Sheets from my own database, and continue to index new Material Safety Data Sheets all the time.

It's the intent of MSDSSearchEngine.com to make life easier for the Environmental Health and Safety professional when a simple request to the manufacturer isn't so simple.

Note to Manufactures:

It's always our intent to work with manufacturers to improve communication and distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets. Join forces with us and we will provide you with a free account to our document management system where you can upload your Material Safety Data Sheets, control versions, and make all of your Material Safety Data Sheets available for your customers 24/7. Your Material Safety Data Sheets will be available on their own sub domain on MSDSSearchEngine.com (example: your_company.msdssearchengine.com). When you upload an MSDS we will remove older copies of the same product from our index so only your current documents show up in our general MSDS search results. Contact dave@msdssearchengine.com for more information.

Copyright issues:

It's our understanding that The Copyright Act is intended to protect the right of an author of a "creative work" to profit from that work. Since OSHA requires all manufacturers to provide an MSDS free of charge the argument that we are impacting the authors profit is generally not valid. Also, as a compilation of facts rather than a creative work an MSDS is not covered by Copyright protection in The United States. Further, as of 1991 Feist Publication v. Rural Publication "sweat of the brow" is also not protected. Simply put, the effort expended gathering the facts and putting them into the required format of an MSDS does not qualify the manufacturer to the protections of copyright for that MSDS.

Having said that, if you believe you have a right to the protections provided by copyright for any MSDS in our database or you believe another person is violating your copyright on an MSDS that we link to please provide that information to dave@msdssearchengine.com and we will remove the link or the actual document from our database. All we ask is that you provide a publicly available link to the MSDS for the same product on a site of your choosing. We will send requests for that MSDS to your chosen location.

Although we believe we have a legal right to republish any MSDS we far prefer to work with rather than against you.

Thank You,
David Cahill
Managing Partner, Konnun, LLC


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