MIXED ELEMENTAL STANDARDS: IC by MSDS Number: M7722 Location - http://hazard.com/msds/mf/baker/baker/files/m7722.htm


MSDS Number: M7722 --- Effective Date: 02/18/98

1. Product Identification

Synonyms: Trace Element Anaylsis - CLP Plasma Standards For Atomic Spectroscopy. This kit contains 2 components. Please see the appropriate MSDS for: - ICL Solution I (MSDS# M7710) - ICL Solution II (MSDS# M7712).
CAS No.: Not applicable to mixtures.
Molecular Weight: Not applicable to mixtures.
Chemical Formula: Not applicable to mixtures.
Product Codes: 6100

2. Composition/Information on Ingredients

  Ingredient                                CAS No         Percent   Hazardous                                       
  ---------------------------------------   ------------   -------   ---------        
  The 2 components of this kit
  contain these chemicals:          
  Water                                     7732-18-5      72 - 95%     No                                                                  
  Hydrogen Chloride                         7647-01-0         20%       Yes                                                               
  Nitric Acid                               7697-37-2         5%        Yes                                                              
  Nickel                                    7440-02-0        0.1%       Yes                                                               
  Lead                                      7439-92-1        0.1%....
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